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Philip Linares is a PGA Class A golf instructor.  He is the lead staff instructor for Junior group programming at The Trent Wearner Golf Academy at Meridian Golf Club.  He also teaches individual lessons to golfers of all ages and skill levels.  During his 15 year career in the golf business, he has continually increased his knowledge of the game and his ability to teach all aspects of the game.  Philip has a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology from Iowa State University.  He has an extensive and varied background working with children in various recreational and therapeutic settings.

He has helped golfers learn the mechanics as well as the mental side of the game.  Both areas must be learned to become a better golfer.  He also uses the game of golf to teach junior golfers life skills they can use in their day to day activities.  Golf is the sport of a lifetime and Philip helps teach all golfers how to get more enjoyment out of the game of golf.


Philip teaches lessons at Meridian Golf Club which is one of the premiere indoor and outdoor practice facilities in the state, click here to see more about the facility.  The Meridian Golf Club is conveniently located in the Park Meadows area serving the Denver, Denver Tech Center, Englewood,  Aurora, and Highlands Ranch areas

Teaching Theory

To make a golfer more well rounded, we need to focus not only on skill development but also mental approach.  The goal is to help every student become a well rounded golf who is ready to perform at at a high level on the course.  All areas of the game must be worked on for the golfer to truly improve their game.

The first step is to help the golfer understand why their ball does what it does.  When you understand the ball flight, you are able to learn new skills that will help you change your flight for the good.  We implement new skills through video analysis and drills to help you see and groove new skills.  

The second step is to learn to practice effectively.  We must practice our new skills properly with feedback to assure it will stick long term.  There are 2 types of and both must be utilized for true progress.  The first type is skill development.  This is where you would work on the specific change and drills we have discussed in your lesson.  The second type is transfer practice.  This is where you would treat each shot like a shot on the course.  For example, pick a target, check the yardage, and do your whole pre-shot routine. This will get you more into golf mode than just hitting golf balls.  

The third step is to take the skills to the course.  Every lesson package and group program has a playing component so we can discuss the mental apporach to playing as well as course management strategies.  This is where the student can ask questions in real time.  We will discuss how the mental side of the game is just as important as the mechanical skills.  We will learn to control our emotions and how to let go of bad shots faster.  All in an effort to allow yourselves to perform at our best.